Ailee’s Leaked Nude Photos: Who’s to Blame?

Ailee’s nude photos spread like wildfire in the internet and immediately become a hot topic.

In the photos, Ailee posed nude for the camera. Feedback from netizens were mixed, some were enraged, some are still skeptical and some felt sorry for the singer.

[Photos Removed]

The Story Behind the Nude Photos

[Photos Removed]

YMC Entertainment confirmed that it was indeed Ailee and explained that it was taken from a modeling audition. They were from camera test when she received an underwear modelling offer in the U.S. The singer was told to get naked in front of the camera so that the company can accurately examine her body. She agreed to it thinking that the photo would be kept private. After hearing no response from the said underwear company, Ailee reported it to the police and learned that she was scammed and that there were other victims too. However, due to lack of evidence, nobody was arrested.

But the question  here is, who spread the photos?

Earlier, a website claimed that the photos were leaked by an ex-boyfriend who’s working in a K-pop website. Allegedly, she told her boyfriend about the incident and sent him the photos.

However, this was immediately denied by the accused. The website released a statement that it wasn’t from the ex-boyfriend, rather from someone who just wanted to make a few bucks.

YMC Entertainment is taking legal action against the person/people involved in the leaking of photos and asked for understanding and support for the singer.

Meanwhile, Ailee will still continue with her activities despite the controversy.

Update (Nov. 14): A proof about the involvement of Ailee’s ex-boyfriend was released by Dispatch in their official Youtube channel. The ex-boyfriend called Dispatch and tried to sell the nude photos but the company refused saying that it is illegal and that the seller can be sued but he was determined in selling them.

Source: AKP, EveryJoe,



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