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Exo Kai

You can’t disregard profiles and fun facts about your idols. Though there are lots of them in the internet, I’ve compiled a profile and fun facts based on my research and watching videos. Today I will talk about Kai of Exo who happens to be the group’s face too.

Kai ‘s Profile and Some Fun Facts

1. His birth name is Kim Jong In but uses Kai as his stage name.

2. He is also called Kkamjong (his nickname).

3. He is now 19 years old and will be 20 in January 24, 2013.

4. Aside from being the face of the group, he is also the main dancer, vocalist and lead rapper in Exo.

5. He is 182 cm tall.

6. Blood type is A.

7. He has two older sisters. Five and nine years older than him.

8. He was scouted after winning in SM’s Youth Best Contest in 2007.

9. He shares a room with D.O.

10. He is friends with Taemin of Shinee. (And they somehow look the same and could pass up as brothers.)

11. He is bossy.

12. He looks up to Shinwa. The senior group inspired him to be a singer.

13. He was trained in ballet and jazz dance at a young age.

14. He appeared in TVXQ’s MV ‘HaHaHa Song’ in 2008.

15. He was the second member to sign a contract with SM and was the first one to appear in the teaser trailers during their public introduction.

16. Last year, he graduated from School of Performing Arts Seoul.

17. He is also a member of Younique, together with Exo-M’s Lu Han and Exo-M’s Lay.

18. “I’d rather bend than break” – his motto.

19. He is awkward with expressing his feelings though he really wanted to treat everyone well.

20. He has the habit of biting his lips which you might have noticed in many of his videos.

21. His ideal girl is Han Yeseul.

22. He loves wearing shirts with character on them.

23. I don’t know if this is related but Nicole of KARA has a crush on Kai and finds him really handsome. (She confess during KBS’ “Hello” interview).

24. Kai is forgetful. The members jokingly said they will not let Kai borrow money from them as he forgets things easily and cheats them frequently.

25. He said that his two sisters  are definitely more important than a girlfriend. (He said this during SBS Power FM’s Boom Young Street interview.)

26. He got injured during his rehearsal for MBC’s “Show Champion”.

27. Miss A said Kai is the “Best Idol Dancer” today.

28. Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon also thinks Kai’s dancing skills is incredible and she chose him to be the male idol she wanted to perform a couple dance with.

29. Kai is one of the members who has the darkest skin tone.

30. He is good in speaking Chinese.

31. He is also one of the laziest members of Exo.

32. Lastly, Kai can do Gwiyomi! Watch it below:



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