Winning Nominees in MAMA 2013 (Who’s Leading the Race?)

MAMA 2013

There are still a few more days left before MAMA but let’s have a feel of who’s winning the race. Just a peak at the partial/unofficial winners for each category.

1. Best New Male Artist
BTS – 32.3%

best new male artist MAMA 2013
2. Best New Female Artist
Lee Hi – 42.7%

3. Best New Male Artist
G-Dragon – 50.5%best Male artist MAMA 2013
4. Best Female Artist
Ailee – 31.4%

5. Best Male Group
Shinwa – 33.6%

Best Male group MAMA 2013

6. Best Female Group
Girls’ Generation – 30.1%
Best Female Group MAMA 2013
7. Best Dance Performance – Male Solo
G-Dragon for Crooked – 38.9%
Best Dance Performance Female Solo
8. Best Dance Performance – Female Solo
CL for The Baddest F – 34.7%

9. Best Dance Performance – Male Group
Exo for Growl – 35%

10. Best Dance Performance – Female Group
Girls’ Generation for I Got a Boy – 41.1%

Best Dance Performance Female Group MAMA 2013 SNSD
11. Best Vocal Performance – Male
K. Will Love for Blossom – 34.4%

12. Best Vocal Performance – Female
IU for The Red Shoes – 32.6%

13. Best Band Performance
CNBLUE for I’m Sorry – 47.6%

Best Band performance MAMA 2013

14. Best Rap Performance

Dynamic Duo for BAAAM – 42.6%

15. Nissan Juke Best Music Video
G-Dragon for Coup D’Etat

16. Best Original Soundtrack
Master’s Sun Touch Love – 42.3%

17. Artist of the Year
Shinwa – 27%

Artist of the year MAMA 2013

18. BC – UnionPay Song of the Year

EXO for Growl – 25.9%

BC Unionpay song of the year MAMA 2013

Results can still shift though. These are just the initial result and some of the nominees are still very close to each other when comes to the number of votes. You can cast your votes here.

MAMA 2013 ceremony will be held in Hong Kong AsiaWorld-Expo on November 22, 2013.



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